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We are a values-driven company. We believe in what we do, and our values define our work ethic. 


Be the best you can be to others – and yourself. Strive to be better and make the world better too.

What it looks like:

A commitment to consistently bringing our A-Game, respecting differences, and being accountable.


Transparency is the cornerstone of trust and the best way to share knowledge and best practices.

What it looks like:

Stratigos’ core business documents, impact results and financial position are public.  We need to know what works, and we know you do too. And no one needs to re-learn painful lessons if they don’t have to.


Understanding where value can be added and putting your full energy into maximising and leveraging that value.

What it looks like:  

Knowing the context. Learning from and contributing to the global dialogue of best practice. Measurement. Using new tech (Blockchain, AI, IoT) to continuously improve efficiencies and performance. Failure is acceptable as long as we learn from it.


We believe that diversity, knowledge, creativity and commitment will enable us to find new solutions to complex problems.

What it looks like:

Listening. Acknowledging complexity. Encouraging diversity of thought and behaviour. Enjoying what we do.


We believe in taking risks in order to achieve maximum impact

What it looks like:

Iconoclastic, doing things differently. Learn from the best but don’t be afraid of straying away from the path most traveled. Fail fast to succeed sooner.


During the Hellenistic period, the title given to the leader of the army was Stratigos; the etymological root of 'strategy'. In the 13th Century, three brothers in Constantinople - all highly respected generals - began using the title as their surname.

My mother, Susan Stratigos - a direct descendant of one of those Byzantine generals - was a feminist and women’s health policy expert. She used the evidence at hand to inform policy development and then rigorously measured what happened to adapt future policy based on the results. It's her example that guides the mission and values of Strat!gos.


Peter Vanderwal


Innovative Finance
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